Camp Asana -- Yoga in a Backpack

Welcome to Camp Asana Yoga in a Backpack. This is where we show you how to take your hiking, backpacking, and camping gear and turn them into restorative props for a quick backcountry practice that will keep your adventurers flowing for as long as you can plan them. 

But this program has two camps: Yogi & Outdoor Adventurer. As you can see from the video above we aren't exactly in the backcountry hiking and this practice looks very similar to a yoga practice you might see in a studio. That's because we have also created new ways to extend your practice beyond the four walls of the studio out into the beautiful locations you adventure. 

The yoga camp will give you inspiration on how to use your gear for longer flows that will let you drop into your practice anywhere in the world. 

But if you are thinking, "I don't identify with yoga at all." The Outdoor Adventurer camp will provide you with gear uses and movements that can be simplified for quick muscle openers and alignment assists in the backcountry. For this program, you will only need to select 1-3 movements and hold them for 5-10 breaths to really begin seeing their benefits. This is perfect for the 3-day backpacking trip through the Grand Canyon or the day trek at your local state park. 

This is just Volume 1. We are working on Winter Sport Programs, Water Sport Programs, and so much more. And if you are a yoga teacher we have a special offer for a select group of teachers who would like to become a Camp Asana instructor. Inquire more by emailing us at

As an incentive for you Camp Asana exploration here is a coupon code you can use to save 20% off the program. Just type "CampKarma" into the coupon code. But don't wait too long, this code won't last forever. Use it in the next 30 days to get your deal. Make sure you sign up for our newsletter where will will also provide exclusive discount codes for our Camp Asana Yoga in a Backpack Card Deck coming out this fall and our Camp Asana adventure retreats