Trek It Tuesday: Featuring Bryce Canyon National Park

Tower Bridge on the Fairyland Loop  (Download full Map of Fairyland Loop Here)

Tower Bridge on the Fairyland Loop (Download full Map of Fairyland Loop Here)

The Queen's Garden, Navajo Loops, Sunset, and Sunrise Trails get all the praise in Bryce Canyon National Park, but we prefer a lesser traveled trail called the Fairyland Loop. This 8-mile trail is arguably the most scenic day hike in Bryce Canyon, and we love that also has fewer crowds for those looking for an adventure without the traffic jam.

We recommend starting your 8-mile hike counterclockwise at the Fairyland Point instead of the overcrowded Sunrise Point. Hike south on the Rim Trail to Sunrise Point. Once near Sunrise Point, turn left onto the well-marked Fairyland Loop. You will encounter a junction with the Tower Bridge spur trail. It’s a quick out-and-back to this awesome red rock that resembles the Tower Bridge in London. Then reverse your tracks back to the main loop. (It should be noted that if you want a shorter loop trekking to Tower Bridge and back is a great choice. You will still gain 800 feet elevation and the Tower doesn’t disappoint.)

You will start to notice a series of rising traverses that proceed counterclockwise around Boat Mesa. As you continue you will be surrounded by plenty of trailside hoodoos (freestanding pinnacles that will make your jaw drop like a 90s cartoon character). Make sure your camera is ready to snap some great shots of these beauties.

From the eastern end of the loop, you will follow a gradual climb back up to the rim near Fairyland Point.

Make sure you take plenty of water (1-2 liters for every 2-3 hours of hiking per person, the hike takes approximately 4-5 hours on average.), sunscreen, snacks, and wear a hat to protect your face.

If you need a shuttle back to your car it is free with your National Park entry fee. The shuttle runs from Fairy Point and Sunrise Trailheads (9 a.m. to 6 p.m.) approximately every 15 minutes from the end of May until the end of September.

Trail Stats:

Length: 8.1 Miles

Ascent 1,460'

Average Grade: 7%

Highest Point: 8,139'

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