5 Movements to Improve your Posture after Backpacking

Hiking is an amazing way to explore the world. But that doesn't mean that your shoulders, hips and low back are as pumped as you are about your 3-day, 30 mile, and 15,000 ft elevation gain excursion. That's why we want to give you five ways to improve your posture post backpacking.

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Butterfly pose is a great way to stretch your hips, groin, and low back. Holding this pose for just 5-10 breaths can help release tension you have been carrying on your back all day.

Hammock Savasana is a clear favorite. It not only brings you into a more meditative state which is ideal for healing yourself on a cellular level, but it also helps rejuvenate your body. That's right you can take 10 years of corporate sales work away with just a few swings in savasana in the hammock. Okay, that's not exactly true. But it does create calm throughout the body.

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Half Frog Pose. While looking completely ridiculous, you should've seen the looks I got getting into the pose on the trail, it is great way to open your hips and release your low back. This is perfect post backpacking experience.

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Supported Fish pose is a great upper thoracic and shoulder opener. I prefer it on a squishy sleeping back to create something a little more forgiving.

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Downward Facing Dog. It's a full spine extension move that will make your spine feel so happy. 

Try all of these movements or 2-3 movements and hold them for 5-10 breaths. It's a great reset when you are backpacking far away from civilization and your local osteopath to adjust you.