Mountain Air. Inhale. Exhale. Adventure. Relax. Recharge.


Camp Asana is shaking up what it means to do yoga. We aren't limiting our practice to four walls and a sticky mat any longer. We are charging up mountains, paddling down the rapids, and surfing the oceans. We don't need a mantra, but can definitely get behind some OM-azing experiences. Lace up your trail shoes and pack the trail mix because this is how we do YOGA.


Movement with Roots as Deep as the Redwoods

Camp Asana merges 15 years of fitness, yoga, and anatomy study into programs that remove the boundaries from your adventures. By eliminating mobility, alignment, and fatigue issues you can take your adventures to the ends of the earth. 

Our programs create innovative new ways to repurpose your adventure gear as tools to restore and recharge your body for every adventure. Check out our first video series "Yoga in a Backpack".


Adventure experiences with "Wild" (our founder's alter ego) 

Paddle down the rivers of British Columbia, hike through the jungles of Mexico, pitch a tent in the White Mountain National Forest. Camp Asana doesn't just take you on a retreat, we create a completely new playground for growth, community building, and of course adventure.

Click below to know more about upcoming retreats with Kirsten "Wild" Beverley-Waters.


"Campy" humor that is as cheesy as Wisconsins famous cheese curds.

We are light-hearted adventurers. We don't think life should be taken so seriously that you can't enjoy a good joke or T-rex on a paddle board. We want to collect memories and who will ever forget camping next to a shark shaped tent or hanging in a hammock with "Rexy".